OPTIONAL Services During Spay/ Neuter Surgery:

As a pet owner, there may be options available to you for the care and treatment of your pet.

The doctors working with you through affordableneuterandspay.com shall take the responsibility to educate you of any medical or surgical options. In addition, they will explain the benefits of those recommended options so you can make informed decisions tailored to your pet’s needs. The following services may be offered as options

Pre-Anesthesic Blood TestEvaluates liver & kidney functions$60.52
IV Catheter and IV FluidsMaintains cardiovascular function & provides an open port for emergency medications$50.35
Buster CollarPrevents licking/infecting surgery site$11.14
Absorbable SuturesConvenience/ Fractious pet$28.92
MicrochipNationwide database for lost pets$46.34
Core VaccinesPreventsCost
Canine: DHPPCDistemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus$22.28
Canine: BordetellaKennel Cough$20.05
Canine: RabiesRabies$16.71
Feline: FVRCPCRhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, Panleukopenia,Chlamydia$20.05
Feline: RabiesRabies$27.85
Non core vaccines:PreventativeCost
Canine: LymePrevents Lyme disease$39.00
Feline: FELV-Feline Leukemia VirusPrevents Feline Leukemia$39.00